Manufacturers of Power & Battery Cable Assemblies

Power and Battery Cable Assemblies Manufacturers:

We manufacture many forms of standard and custom power and battery cable assemblies, jump leads, battery starter leads & charging leads for use on High or Low voltage, AC or DC circuits, with cable sizes ranging from 16mm² upto 600mm².

We fit any combination of cable sizes, connectors, battery clamps, lug terminals heat-shrinks etc to your bespoke requirements.

We use many different types of cable and connector systems including Anderson, Rema, Uma, Schaltbau, Ravioli etc, and all our cables are approved and come with full traceability.

We have a wide range of light duty, heavy duty and portable crimping equipment that allows us to crimp cables upto 600mm².

We have bespoke tooling and high quality OEM tooling such as WDT, Cembre, Klauke, JST, Amp/Tyco that enables us to crimp pretty much any terminal onto any cable size, correctly and professionally.

Printed heat shrinks can also be fitted over the cables identifying it such as your company name, logo, serial number etc.

We supply into may different market sectors such as Automotive, Industrial, Commercial, Renewable Energy, Marine and our products often used in Materials Handling Equipment, Construction Equipment, Traffic Management, 4×4 Off Road, Vehicle Converters, Portable Power Units, HGV, Power Invertors, Equipment Manufacturers and Allied Industries to name a few.

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Battery cables

Anderson with tails

Anderson to Anderson

Jump Leads

Battery terminal - Solderless type

Battery terminal - Plain nut type

Printed heatshrink

We can print your logo, alpha numeric characters, QR codes, barcodes, images and more!

Battery covers

Power and Battery Cable Assemblies Manufacturers:

We are manufacturers of Power and Battery Cable Assemblies

If you have a concept, an idea, a pattern etc and you want a professional experienced manufacturer to take it forward, then contact us and will give you a quote to manufacture it exactly to your design specification. We have many years experience of manufacturing power and battery cable assemblies.

We can help you all the way through the process from design input, sourcing of the materials, prototyping the design and trailing it, then into production.

Power and Battery Cables:

Our power and battery cables are are also used on golf buggies, ride on lawnmowers, electric fork trucks, traction vehicles, automotive vehicles, generator  sets, leisure vehicles, battery bank’s, tail lifts etc.

Our standard range of power and battery cables are available to purchase in our shop.

If you are after something different, or wish to discuss pricing, then please call us on 01922 325 445, email us on or use the Contact Us page to get in touch, we are waiting to hear from you.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail ensuring that quality comes naturally!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01922 325445, by email to or use the links below.