Wiring Looms, Cable Forms & Cable Harness

100% Assembled and Supplied in the UK

We are manufacturers of  Electrical Wiring Looms, Cable Forms & Cable Harness.

Professional experienced manufacturer

If you you are looking for an professional experienced manufacturer then contact us and will give you a quote to manufacture it exactly to your design specification.

We have over 25 years experience in the manufacture of electrical wiring looms, cable forms & cable harnesses and can help you all the way through the process from sourcing of the materials, prototyping and production.

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Wiring Looms, Cable Forms & Cable Harness

Wiring looms are used in many applications, such as vending machines, games machines, automotive vehicles, construction equipment, kit cars, instrumentation & control panels etc. They are a means of transferring power & signals from one place to another in a safe and controlled way.

We manufacture to your design requirements. We use many different types of cable ranging from Automotive thinwall cable, Auto cable, high temperature Silicone SIAF cable, Def cables, Tri-rated cable and multicore cables. The cables are then bound together with either cable ties, tapes, sleeving, braid etc and fitted with the connectors or terminations of your choice.

All looms are fully tested and packed to suit, and are plug and play items. Bespoke packaging is available if you require.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail ensuring that quality comes naturally!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01922 325445, by email to enquiries@atleadsandlooms.co.uk or use the links below.