Cable Embossing & Printed Heat shrink

We have the facilities on site to “print” directly onto electrical cables using a hot foil printer which permanently embosses the characters onto the cable insulation.

Cable Embossing & Printed Heatshrink

Cable Embossing

We can print a variety of letters, numbers, symbols onto the cable insulation. PVC cables can be printed with outside diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 6mm approx.

Examples of where cable printing could be used is if you have several Black coloured cables together in the same loom, you could identify each one by a number or letter, thus identifying cables from each other.

We can print in either White or Black font, and are able to print pretty much anywhere where on the cable insulation where you require, ie at the cable ends, in the middle of the cable, or at set intervals.

Our Loepfe printer is Swiss made and is one of the highest quality, precision cable and wire marking equipment to be found on the market today.

Heat shrink printing

We can print directly onto heat shrink with a variety of letters, numbers, symbols, logos etc. Printing can be done onto White, Black, Red, Blue or Yellow heat shrink ranging from 2.4mm to 25mm approx. the font or print colours available are White or Black. If required then we can also pre-cut heat shrink to length ranging from 5mm in length upwards.

Further info on heat shrink printing can be found here

Please contact us for any enquiries on our cable printing and embossing & heatshrink printing services.

Cable Printing & Embossing
Cable Printing & Embossing

The video below shows the printing process in more detail

The video below shows the heat shrink printing process in more detail

The video below shows our cable cutting & printing process

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