Heavy duty Siamese Figure 8 battery cable

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Heavy duty Siamese Figure 8 battery cable

Heavy duty Siamese figure 8 battery cable can be used in place of 2 separate single core cables.

This cable as also known as figure 8, or twinflex cable. It it is heavy duty, flexible and offers a tidier solution when compared with 2 separate cables. The Red & Black cables are joined by insulation only.

The construction is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) sheathed outer, with highly flexible double-insulated dual-core cable with Class 6 extra flexible copper conductors. This range has a voltage rating of 450/750V and a temperature rating range of -20oC to +70oC.

It has a figure of 8 configuration.

This cable is designed for installation both indoors and outdoors, in wet and dry locations.

Application – Jump leads, battery cables, car audio systems, Automation and Process Control, Automotive and Fork Lift Trucks, field conveyors etc.  It is also suitable for use in high-quality booster cables.

25mm² = 129 Amp approx, cable O/D is approx 8.1mm x 18mm

35mm² = 158 Amp approx, cable O/D is approx  9.1mm x 20mm

50mm² = 198 Amp approx, cable O/D is approx 14.6mm x 30.6mm

Volts – 450/750

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