Plant & Equipment

Manufacturers of Electrical Wiring Looms, Battery Cables, Control Panels & Electrical Assemblies

Key plant and equipment

Kodera cut and strip m/c up to 6mm2

Komax cut and strip m/c up to 6mm2

Kingsing cut and strip m/c up to 90mm2

Lopfe cable embossing & printing m/c

GLW CS60 Insulation stripper

CS2000 Evo insulation strippers

Cirris R1100+ harness tester

Mecal TT crimping presses

WDT crimping press

Mecal, TE, JST crimping applicators

Heavy duty hydraulic 700bar crimping heads with Cembre hex and ident battery cable crimping

Kingsing fully automated convoluted & PVC tubing cutter

Weller thermostatic soldering irons