Our custom made cables installed in Doomsday Impala – a dragster race car

We were recently contacted by Andy who is part of the team who run a fire breathing dragster race car called Doomsday Impala. We were asked if we could manufacture a custom set battery cable assemblies to be used on their car. This car has the wow factor.

We have been manufacturing professional high spec battery cable assemblies for many years, but never before have we been asked to manufacture cables used on a dragster race car. So this is a first for us.

The spec we were give was pretty specific, basically if the cable assemblies weren’t right the car either wouldn’t perform correctly or it wouldn’t get through scrutineering. So no pressure then!

With over 5000 man hours worked on the car, the immensely impressive Doomsday Impala is a heavily modified 1968 Chevrolet Impala Fast Back Coupe, with a massive 632cu 10.3ltr methanol fuelled engine with an impressive compression of 14.75:1, making approx 1300 – 1400 hp. It can do a ¼ mile in 7.9 seconds at over 170mph! Details of the car can be found here

For the order, we used specialist cables, high quality terminals and terminal covers, as the cables have to withstand massive electrical and mechanical loads, let alone the scrutineers. Andy has contacted us to let us know he is very happy with what we have made for him, so we are very happy too.

We are very pleased that we were chosen as the manufacturer and even more pleased that our promo stickers are going on their car – 170mph stickers!!

Many thanks Andy at Doomsday Impala for choosing us – hope to see the car up close soon.

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Information on Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire where the car can been seen, can be found here, and more information on drag racing can be found here



Doomsday Impala

Doomsday Impala











our custom made battery cables in the car

our custom made battery cables in the car