Kitting Solutions for your Electrical Components

With our Electrical Component Kits, we offer a kitting service supplying component parts to you in kit / pre-packed form.

Pick – Pack – Deliver – Job Done!

Component Kits

With our Electrical Component Kits, we offer a full range of component kitting etc

If you require component parts to be supplied to you in kit / pre-packed form, we can do it.

Identification labels, bar codes, QR codes, fulfilment labels, instruction leaflets, we can do it.

Our component kits can help save costs for your business. They reduce your purchasing activity, reduce stocking holding, reduce storage space, saves costs at many levels. A really convenient and useful product.

Please contact us for any enquiries on our kitting services – our helpful customer services team would be happy to assist you. Your questions and comments are important to us – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Component parts Kitting service

Experienced Manufacturer

We have over 25 years experience in the manufacture of electrical wiring looms, cable forms & cable harnesses

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Our continuous improvement program means that we are developing new products, safely, economically, and effectively.

Problem Solvers

If you have a concept, an idea, a pattern etc and you want a professional experienced manufacturer to take it forward, then get in touch.

Customer Support

If you are after something different, or wish to discuss pricing, then please call our helpful team on 01922 325 445.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail ensuring that quality comes naturally!

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