Cable Assemblies Manufacturer

A.T Leads and Looms is a cable assemblies manufacturer with over 25 years experience in the low cost manufacturer of power and battery cable assemblies. We are the UK experts in bespoke cable assemblies – 100% supplied and assembled in the UK.

UK Cable Assemblies Experts

We are able to use our extensive experience to manufacture cable assemblies to your exact design specification. So if you have a concept, an idea, a pattern or fag packet drawing then and you want a professional experienced cable assemblies manufacturer to take it forward, then contact us.

We are able to offer:

• Low Cost Cable Assemblies.

• Cable Assemblies – 100% supplied and assembled in the UK.

• Cable Assemblies manufactured to your exact design specification.

We can product any kind of cable assemblies – such as :

• Battery cable assemblies

• Power cable assemblies

• Ribbon cable assemblies

• Over Braided cable assemblies

• Coaxial cable assemblies

• Over moulded Cable Assemblies

• I.P rated waterproof assemblies

UK Cable Assemblies Manufacturer

Electrical wiring looms are used in many applications, such as vending machines, games machines, automotive vehicles, construction equipment, kit cars, instrumentation & control panels etc. They are a means of transferring power & signals from one place to another in a safe and controlled way.

We manufacture to your design requirements. We use many different types of cable ranging from Automotive thinwall cable, Auto cable, high temperature Silicone SIAF cable, Def cables, Tri-rated cable and multicore cables. The cables are then bound together with either cable ties, tapes, sleeving, braid etc and fitted with the connectors or terminations of your choice.

All looms are fully tested and packed to suit, and are plug and play items. Bespoke packaging is available if you require.

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UK Power and Battery Cable Assemblies Manufacturer

We manufacture many forms of power and battery cable assembly for use on low voltage or high voltage, AC or DC circuits, and cable size up to 600mm².

We use many different types of cable and connector systems including Anderson, Rema, Uma, Schaltbau etc, and all our cables are approved and come with full trace ability.

We have a wide range of light duty, heavy duty and portable crimping equipment that allows us to crimp cables up to 600mm². We have bespoke tooling and high quality OEM tooling such as Cembre, JST, Amp/Tyco etc.

Printed heat shrinks can also be fitted over the cables identifying it such as your company name, logo, serial number etc.

Our products often find their way in a variety of markets such as Materials Handling Equipment, Construction Equipment, Traffic Management, 4×4 Off Road, Vehicle Converters, Portable Power Units, Power Inverters, Equipment Manufacturers and Allied Industries to name a few.

Experienced UK Cable Assemblies Manufacturer

As expert cable assemblies manufacturers, supplying cable assemblies into the UK for over 25 years we are able to help you all the way through the process from design input, sourcing of the materials, prototyping the design and trialling it, then into production.

We have many years experience building world-class cable assemblies used in many different industries.  We have produced a wide variety of cable assemblies and we process many different types of cables from single core, multicore, high temperature, automotive grade, curly cables, and sizes ranging from 24AWG up to 600mm².

A.T Leads & Looms was founded in 2005, and is a UK expert in the manufacturing and supplying cable assemblies and electrical wiring loom solutions. The company initially supplied cable assemblies to the automotive sector and has now expanded to include many different sectors such as industrial, traffic management, RV’s, 4X4 off road and many more. Our extensive experience in the manufacture of cable assemblies allows us to ensure all of our customer’s requirements are met.

Cable Assemblies Enquiries

Please call us on 01922 325 445, email us on or use the Contact Us page to get in touch with your enquiries.