We have over 25 years experience as an electrical wiring loom manufacturer – manufacturing control panels, box builds & electrical assemblies.

Electrical Wiring Loom Manufacturer

We are an Electrical Wiring Loom Manufacturer with a proven track record, we specialise in the manufacture of cabling solutions in Staffordshire, UK. 100% Assembled and Supplied in the UK

We manufacture to your design specification bespoke Wiring Looms, Battery Cables, Control Panels & Electrical Assemblies, in any batch size from 1 off’s, 10’s 100’s, 1000’s and more. With a speedy turnaround time and the ability to provide any quantity, even if it’s just the one, it is no wonder that we have prestigious customer base.

Offering a fast turn around on pre-production samples so you can evaluate in the shortest of time scales.

If you have a concept, an idea, a wiring loom pattern or a drawing and you want a professional experienced manufacturer of wiring looms, to take it forward, then contact us and will give you a quote to manufacture it exactly to your design specification.

UK Manufacturer of Wiring Looms, Battery Cables, Control Panels and Electrical Assemblies.

Bespoke UK Manufacturing, at its best…

We pride ourselves on attention to detail ensuring that quality comes naturally!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01922 325445, by email to enquiries@atleadsandlooms.co.uk or use the links below.