Control Panels, Box Builds & Electrical Assemblies

We are subcontract manufacturers of Control Panels, Box Builds & Electrical Assemblies

We manufacture these in either either Metal or Plastic clad boxes, cabinets or enclosures.

If you have a concept, an idea, a pattern etc and you want a professional experienced manufacturer to take it forward, then contact us and will give you a quote to manufacture it exactly to your design specification. We have over 25 years experience manufacturing control panels, box builds & electrical assemblies.

Control Panels, Box Builds & Electrical Assemblies Manufacturer

We can help you all the way through the process from design input, sourcing of the materials, prototyping the design and trailing it, then into production.

Control panels, box builds and electrical assemblies are used extensively throughout industry and can be very simple using simple electronic components to huge engineered projects. We have the facilities to manufacture a wide range of different sizes, and have many facilities to assist with manufacture & test.

If box builds are required to be IP rated, then we can manufacture to various IP ratings.

Some box build require the components to be “potted”, or encapsulated in resins, we can also offer this service if required.

Click here to read Wikipedia’s description of Potting

Click here to read Wikipedia’s description of a Control Panel 

Read more about our Control Panel Manufacturing and our Electrical Assemblies Services.

If you are after something different, or wish to discuss pricing, then please call us on 01922 325 445, email us on or use the Contact Us page to get in touch, we are waiting to hear from you.


Below is as picture of a potting (runny Black liquid) being dispensed  into the box build electronic assembly.

potting - Electrical assemblies



Below is as picture of a typical control panel used as part of a complex control system.

Control Panels & Box Builds - Electrical assemblies

Control Panels & Box Builds





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