Electrical Assemblies Manufacturer

A.T.Leads and Looms is a UK expert in the manufacture of electrical assemblies. We have more than 25 years experience in the low cost manufacturer of bespoke electrical wiring looms and electrical assemblies – these are 100% supplied and assembled in the UK.

UK Electrical Assemblies Manufacturer

We are able to utilise our extensive experience to manufacture electrical assemblies and electrical wiring looms to your exact design specificationWe have many years experience in the manufacture of electrical assemblies used across a wide range of industries.

As a professional experienced electrical assemblies manufacturer we are able to take forward your concept. We offer a complete service – helping you all the way through the development process from design input, sourcing of the materials, prototyping the design and trialling it, then into production.

Working closely with our customers – we ensure that we produce a bespoke low cost finished product that will meet your exact requirements. Please get in touch to find out more.

We are able to offer:

• Low Cost Electrical assemblies – helping to reduce your costs.

• Electrical assemblies – 100% supplied and assembled in the UK.

• Electrical assemblies manufactured to your exact design specification.

High quality wiring loom solutions.

• Plug and play assembly

UK Electrical Assemblies Manufacturer

We are proud to have supplied electrical assemblies and wiring looms to the UK market for over 25 years.  We have many years experience, building world-class electrical assemblies used in many different industries.

Control panels, box builds and electrical assemblies are used extensively throughout industry and can be very simple using simple electronic components to huge engineered projects. We have the facilities to manufacture a wide range of different sizes, and have many facilities to assist with manufacture & test.

If box builds are required to be IP rated, then we can manufacture to various IP ratings.

Some box build require the components to be “potted”, or encapsulated in resins, we can also offer this service if required

A.T Leads & Looms were founded in 2005 and are UK experts in the manufacturing and supplying electrical assemblies and electrical wiring loom solutions. Having started by initially supplying electrical assemblies and wiring looms to the automotive sector, we have now expanded our services to include many different sectors such as industrial, traffic management, RV’s, 4X4 off road and many more.

Electrical Assemblies Enquiries

Please call us on 01922 325 445, email us on enquiries@atleadsandlooms.co.uk or use the Contact Us page to get in touch with your enquiries.

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